Women become homeless for different reasons – domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual violence, addiction, ill health, relationship breakdown, coming out of state care, loss of income and other traumas. Most of the women who are referred to us have faced a combination of these traumas. When this happens, they need support, time and a safe space where they can rebuild their lives from these experiences, feel safe and secure and, in time, move forward in their lives.

Daisyhouse Housing Association is a 28 year old, registered charity and Approved Housing Body supporting women out of homelessness. We do this through the provision of Supported Temporary Accommodation combined with uniquely tailored individual Personal Support Programmes to women who are homeless. We provide this service for 18 month periods so they can break the cycle of homelessness and be empowered to move forward to independent sustainable living. We also provide a fully comprehensive resettlement programme.

Daisyhouse provides this support, time and safe space.

Daisyhouse service users are:

  • Empowered to do more for themselves
  • Encouraged to examine and address the issues which may have contributed to their homelessness
  • Helped to develop their capacity to live independently in the future so that when they are housed on a long-term basis, they will need little or no support