How to Access our Service

Admission Policy

Service users are referred to us through the HSE. The referral form is assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The Client must be over the age of 18,
  • The Client must be in recovery (drug and alcohol free for six months+),
  • The Client has resided in a drug and alcohol free aftercare house for 6 months,
  • The Client has registered as homeless with DCC/FCC/SDCC/DLRCC,
  • The Client Is engaging in a day programme/ supports for addiction (counselling and aftercare group),
  • The Client accepts HAP move on option,
  • The Client does not have a history of violence towards others.

If the client meets all the criteria is placed on a waiting list. The **referring agency ** is contacted and advised of same. Once a unit becomes available, the service user is called for an interview. Once they are accepted a date is arranged for them to move into Daisyhouse.

To contact the Daisyhouse Support Team please call Tel: (01) 453 67 63