Karen is in her forties. Karen was in an abusive relationship for many years. As soon as her children had grown up, she fled the family home for her own safety and was placed in an emergency refuge. Her mental and physical health had suffered from years of physical and mental abuse and her sense of isolation away from all that she knew, was very difficult for her to cope with.

Karen was referred to Daisyhouse’s supported temporary accommodation service, as she needed a safe environment, time and support in rebuilding her life. As she settled into Daisyhouse, she was able to make a realistic assessment of her needs and her strengths, and work out a plan for her future. Her plan included addressing complex issues such as family conflict, on-going depression, loneliness and looking at an independent future.

Karen was helped in accessing a range of services including mental health care, counseling and free legal aid. She was also helped in accessing training and subsequently gained employment. Family and personal relationships have been strengthened and rebuilt in some cases. When Karen felt ready to move-on from Daisyhouse and live independently, she was helped to access move-on accommodation with a local authority. Daisyhouse provided settlement support initially to help with the move and will remain in regular contact with Karen to support her in sustaining independence.